Feb 102011



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Intercept and hex the code of your booting computer with this 4-Digit PC PCI Diagnostic Card Motherboard Analyzer & Tester Post.  Just plug it into your PCI slot and test the code and light configuration for diagnosis.  Extras ship for only $2 more.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • 1: PC PCI/ISA Motherboard Diagnostic Card Analyzer Tester Post- 4 Digit
  • Both ISA bus and PCI bus a re-suitable
  • Diagnos the motherboard signal which shows the problem of the CPU, Memory, Video Card,etc.. The POST code display is made up of a dual, dot matrix hexadecimal read-out that displays Power On Self Test ( POST) status codes
  • Supports the power source working indicator — + 5V, +12V,+3.3V and 12V(When indicator LED is on  to indicate its respective power is fine. Otherwise to indicate its respective power is in failure.)
  • Fully compatible with any kind motherboard which has the PCI and ISA bus slot
  • Self checking remote display function
  • Dual POST code display – User can read the POST at PCB component and solder side. It is easy to view the POST code when user plugs the POST card in computer system.
  • Recall Previous post codes at the touch of button
  • No instructions or additional cables included
  • Carefully bulk/loose packaged
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